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Day: October 11, 2014


silverfish Question: Who is responsible for doing the instructions from the pest control company? There is a 12 step plan which includes emptying out all

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Handling a Co-signer

I have a tenant who I have a co-signer agreement with another person. She is past due (11) and I’ve put in a P&Q. My

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Tenant Screening

Do you actually call the prospective tenants place of employment to verify that they work there and for how many hours they said they work?

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Open stairs liabilities

I want to rent out my townhouse (which has open stairs(i.e., no raiser) between 1 and 2 stories. It also has vertical slats near the

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Homeowner's Insurance

I am trying to figure out if an investment is likely to work out for me. I can’t find any web sites that give accurate

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