Cedar Falls OKs ban on rental conversions


Council supports six-month moratorium on converting single-family homes into rental properties

CEDAR FALLS — The Cedar Falls City Council approved a six-month moratorium blocking the conversion of single-family homes into rental properties.

The council voted 6-1in favor of the ban, which can be extended to a year, the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier reported Tuesday.

There are exceptions for people experiencing financial hardship. People can also still rent to their family members.

The debate at Monday’s meeting was civil even though council members said they had received some heated correspondence from people on both sides of the issue in recent days.

Supporters of the moratorium said neighborhoods change too much when too many homes change to rentals.

“A lot of these rentals are operated by Realtors and landlords who would not live next to the property they rent out,” said resident Mark G. Miller. “I do acknowledge we do have good landlords here who take care of their properties, and I’d hope those landlords would speak out in support of the moratorium.”

But opponents said the council needs to acknowledge the fact that younger people are increasingly choosing to rent rather than buy. Sue Schauls, vice president of the Landlords of Black Hawk, asked the council to study the issue further.

“People in their 20s to low 30s are really leaning toward being lifelong renters because they want the freedom and the ability to move around,” Schauls said. “I really think that’s something the task force needs to get more academic about.”

The moratorium affects properties in parts of the city zoned R1 and R2, which include one- and two-family residences. 

— Associated Press 


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