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Short saling investment properties at one time

I’d like to hear others’ experiences/thoughts.
I have three investments- 2 are several hours away. I put them on the market to sell this summer. Still for sale/not rented.
I have another closer to home. I have a lease through summer 2015. One tenant now plans to break her lease.
I put one of my houses that’s a few hours away (and paid off/part inherited) back on the rental market- no bites yet.
I have a savings which I’ve worked incredibly hard for. Both investments that are not paid for are underwater (one is worth $40xxx and I owe $52xxx; the other is worth $135xxx and I owe $160xxx).
Can I short sale these properties without having my savings taken? Who do I contact to see if it makes sense- an attorney, and what kind do I look for? A tax guy? I know nothing about this really and never envisioned myself even considering trying to get out of my obligations. But after 7 years of negative income, I want to know my options. Thanks.

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