About Us

Benefits of Membership

Landlord Forms

Reference copies of commonly used forms such as applications, leases, deposit agreements, move-in condition forms, etc.


Education of our members is our primary goal, along with improving and promoting professional management skills.

Monthly Meetings

Our monthly meetings and excellent programs allow our members to keep informed on local, state and federal landlord tenant issues, and exchange information with each other.


Our members receive regular updates, meeting announcements and news via email newsletters

Vendor Members

Vendor Memberships are available for business organizations who want to market their products/services to our members AND prospective tenants looking for properties to rent.

Landlord Mebership

Become a member to network with our community and grow your business!

Political Action

Working with City Inspections Department to incorporate the landlord’s perspective and concerns into inspection procedures. On a state level, introducing changes to landlord tenant law, with a powerful lobbyist in Des Moines

What We Do

The Landlords of Linn County is a group of apartment owners and managers organized to:

  1. Improve the management skills and abilities of its members so each can become a better and more efficient landlord.
  2. Inform members of local and state legislation affecting rental properties and take action to cause that legislation to be approved or disapproved depending on its impact on rental properties.
  3. Exchange information so that each of us can:
    1. Reduce or maintain expenses
    2. Reduce our vacancy rates
    3. Reduce our tenant turnover rates
    4. Improve out tenant relations
    5. Reduce our legal problems and exposures