Landlords Day on the Hill

Iowa State House

Join Us, March 13!

Join us for Landlords Day on the Hill on Wednesday, March 13th at the Iowa State House in Des Moines.

  • We will have a morning “rally” meeting in room 304 at 9:00 to organize our message and answer any questions you may have.
  • Stay in Room 304 for a meet and greet with sponsoring legislators. Then disperse to lobby our respective local Representatives and Senators. It’s a good idea to let your Senator and House member know that you are coming to the Capitol. You might ask them what time would work best for a brief meeting with you.
  • Then a wrap up meeting at a down town watering hole before people leave town.

If you want to carpool call Bob Mitchell at (319)329-0117. This ‘Day on the Hill’ gives Iowa Landlords a chance to visit face-to-face with lawmakers from their home districts on the legislator’s turf. The commitment that is demonstrated by a Landlord taking time to travel to the Capitol and visit face to face with their representative is unmatched in results.