Anticipating Move-outs – Instructions in Advance Do Make a Difference

Minimize Move-out Damage with these
3 Free Forms

You will likely minimize damage and clean-up by using the Move-out Reminder Letter, Security Settlement Charges Guide and Move-out Cleanup & Debris Letter.

move out instructionsMove Out Instructions Reminder Letter
has become an important time and money saver. We send this form to the tenants about a week or two before they vacate. It reminds them specifically of certain tasks and cleaning they should perform in order to get a full security refund. This letter instructs the tenants how to lock up and secure the rental until it can be inspected by the landlord/ management, and also where and how the tenants should return all keys.
We have found this form to be very effective and it helps tenants to be more cooperative on the way out.

Move out clean up letterMove Out Clean Up & Debris Letter
Have you ever wondered if the tenants would have done a better job vacating if you gave them specific instructions? Much like the LPA Move Out Reminder Letter, this reminds the tenants to not wait until their last day of tenancy to put out garbage and debris. They are urged avoid clean up charges and deductions from their security deposit and to make arrangements as soon as possible to get rid of their unwanted items, rather than leave them behind in or around the property.

security deposit charges guideSettlement Charges Guide
Alerts the tenant before or after tenancy what kind of move-out charges he or she can expect for damages, cleaning or neglect caused as a result of tenant’s occupancy. Some landlords send this form along with the Security Deposit Settlement to show how certain deductions from the security were calculated. What many tenants consider “normal wear & tear” are really damages and neglect that they should pay for.