What can you do about a hoarding tenant?

Hoarding Tenants

Hoarding TenantsWe recently had a member ask “What can you do about a hoarding tenant?”

This is a tenant who seems to never throw anything away.

Sometimes it can include garbage but other times it’s just “stuff.”

What can a landlord do about this?

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2 thoughts on “What can you do about a hoarding tenant?”

  1. I would suggest setting up an inspection date with tenant to inspect the condition of the unit. If you find a hoarding issue during the inspection, I would issue a 7/7 day for health and safety. Explain to them that the condition of the unit puts the tenant and other residents in the building at risk for pests and rodents. The 7 day notice gives them 7 days to rectify the problem.

  2. Regarding hoarders—- It will be hard to evict them, even if you have given them the 7/7 notice, and even had a housing inspector or the health dept. come out. If they have children, you could call the DHS about them. The easiest , yet long term solution, is to not renew their lease when it comes due. Just remember, when they move out, they will only take what they want to, and leave you the rest. So be prepared to get a BIG dumpster at that time.

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