Chapter 22 will be law with out chapter 29

The city council decided to go ahead with the Nuisance portion of the law and not include chapter 29. Basically this has all the penalties without the training and background checks. It also does not include notification to the owner until the property is declared a nuisance.


Please use the email below to use as a template to send your comments to the council. It is the email I sent to the council asking to postpone chapter 22 until chapter 29 was done.



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December 4th is scheduled to present a motion for the first reading of Chapter 22 (Nuisance Ordinance only) on December 18th.
Chapter 22 Nuisance Ordinance and Chapter 29 are one entity.
One cannot go without the other.
For example Nuisance points are charged to a unit in Chapter 22, but the ‘Notice’ to landlords that they have a point charged against them is in Chapter 29.
Voting blindly on one half of the ordinance will be a mistake. You do not know the cost of this ordinance until Chapter 29 is presented. I do not want the Council to be surprised at the cost of this ordinance after you have already vote in Chapter 22.
Jim Thatcher’s group has warned us all along that Chapter 22 and Chapter 29 must all go together. Not doing the complete package is destiny for failure.
You do not get a representation of the ordinance with only Chapter 22.

Thank you for your attention and optimistic this ordinance will be all that it can be!

Bob Mitchell
Landlords of Linn County
PO Box 202 Marion, IA. 52302


[email protected]
= (319)329-0117