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As a landlord, you know that you are supposed to ask prospective renters for as much information as you can gather, before you make the most important decision. Do you take a chance on this person and allow them into your rental property? But how do you know that the information they have given you is all true? How do you know for certain that you are getting a rental reference from a previous landlord and not their cousin or even their mom? How do you find out if the addresses they have given you are legitimate previous rentals? And what about evictions, car repossessions, furniture replevins, etc.? Even if you are an experienced landlord with years of rentals, are you always confident you can confirm everything you have been told by a prospective renter?
Judy Stevens has been active in the real estate industry since 1978, and has owned rental properties for even longer. She is an instructor for the Iowa Association of Realtors and Skogman Realty. Just one of the many topics she teaches is that of Internet resources. Thursday night you too can learn to become an expert at searching public records that are at your fingertips. Don’t miss our August meeting, this week on the 8th, 7:00 P.M. at the Longbranch. As always, we need to give the venue an accurate count for our meal and room. Please sign up TODAY.

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