Flooded Landlord Financial Programs

Flooded landlords have an opportunity to apply for financial assistance under one or more of the programs designed to rehab rental homes, provide rent reimbursement up to $15,000 (or 12 months) and a community disaster grant program which provides reimbursement for flood insurance premiums, tools used in mucking/gutting and drying out wet homes, and purchase of appliances.

ProSource, the 3rd party administrator, handed out nearly $185,000 this past week in the community disaster grant program and $200,000 in the Residential Landlord Jumpstart Program.  ProSource is in the process of working with 19 landlords who have completed work and have tenants in their rental homes and who are eligible for LOST funds.

We expect the rental reimbursement program to become functional in the next one to two weeks.  Landlords may STILL apply to any one or more of the programs and receive reimbursement for expenses related to rehab or to other losses.  Applications are online at the City of Cedar Rapids website (home page).  Landlords may also call ProSource to obtain applications or schedule appointments.

If you haven’t yet applied, please contact Mari Davis at (319)364-8478 or e-mail [email protected]regarding questions about the program application process.  Application period will run through December 31, 2010 for existing programs.  We continue to determine if there are other gaps which can be funded in meeting the needs of landlords and rental property in Cedar Rapids.