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Don’t miss our June meeting this Thursday, June 13th, at the Longbranch. Test your knowledge of the Iowa Landlord Tenant Code by using it to solve common and not so common issues that we landlords are bound to encounter. How do you handle that extra resident who has suddenly appeared on your property, whether it’s a boyfriend, and “visiting” dog, or a distant cousin staying with your renter while they look for a job? Do you know what to do when your renter drops off half the rent, with the promise to pay the rest by the 20th? What if they have never put the utilities in their name and you keep getting a bill? How do you handle the domestic situation with a No Contact order, when the abuser comes to you demanding a key to enter, since their name is on the lease and they are still liable for the rent?
We take this problem solving adventure about once a year, and it is always a fun, interesting and extremely informative meeting for both new landlords, and those who have “seen it all”. Test your knowledge of important laws and ordinances we all need to know. (And there MAY be door prizes!) Let us know if you had an interesting problem you solved, or one you now need help solving, when you register for the meeting below.
Social starts at 6:00, and the buffet for our room will be ready after 6:30. As always, the Longbranch needs an accurate count for both food and room set-up, so respond NOW using the link below. (Please enjoy the always delicious meal, as our patronage allows us free use of the facilities each month.)

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