June Meeting


Sometimes landlording can be tricky. What if one of your renters asks you to “hold their check” until the 15th? Is there any harm in that? After all, you’re just trying to help. What if that nice fellow you rented to moves in his girlfriend? And then he moves out……..how do you handle this situation if he is long gone and you don’t even know her name? And what about pets? You don’t allow dogs, but your renter is just babysitting her mother’s tiny little Yorkie for the week, or the month. How about if your tenant badly injures himself and your property while constructing a pipe bomb in the living room? Can you enter for repairs while he is unconscious in the burn unit?
Our June meeting has been a popular program in the past. Learn how to solve common and uncommon situations legally with tools you already have.
Join us Thursday evening, June 9th, at the Longbranch for a lively and educational session of Problem Solving. If you have a crazy problem you have solved or need help solving, email us at [email protected] and we will add it to the list.
Our social starts at 6:00, with the dinner at 6:45. The program will begin at 7:00 PM. Do not miss this one! As always, we need to give the Longbranch a count by Monday for food prep and room set-up. It is important that you email us at [email protected] no later than Sunday night if you plan to attend.
See you all Thursday!!