Landlords Volunteer For Habitat Wednesday Sept. 21

Habitat for Humanity

Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity

Volunteer Day – Wednesday, September 21, 1pm – 4pm

We are excited for your upcoming volunteer day with us!

You will be working at 1609 Grande Ave SE Cedar Rapids, IA with Bob Grafton.

Just a few reminders to get your prepared:

  • Please check in on site before 1:00pm. You will be greeted CVHFH staff; we will check everyone in and go over the plan for the day.
  • If the weather is questionable on the day of, the weather hotline will be updated by 7:00 AM. To access the hotline, call 319-366-4485. Once you hear the recorded message, press 3 for more information and then 3 for the weather hotline.
  • Please bring a reusable water bottle. We will have ice cold water on site for you to refill your bottle! We will also have snacks on site.

If you have any other questions please contact Stefanie at 319-366-4485 or 319-210-5574.

A few Important things to remember:

  1. CVHFH strives to be an environmentally conscious organization. We ask that our volunteers bring a reusable water bottle to use at the site to cut down on plastic bottle waste. We will provide water coolers to refill our volunteer’s water bottles. Thank you for helping us to protect our environment!
  2. If the weather is uncooperative for the day, you will receive an email by 7:30am or you can call the weather hotline at 319-366-4485. Once you hear the recorded message, press 3 for more information and then 3 for the weather hotline. It is updated by 7:30am.
  3. Please arrive on time for your shift. If you can’t arrive please contact the CVHFH volunteer coordinator at [email protected].
  4. The below dress code will be enforced at all Cedar Valley Habitat for Humanity (CVHH) job sites. This code has been compiled by CVHFH, Habitat for Humanity International, and OSHA standards.
  • Shoes: Closed toe shoes only. Work boots are preferred but thick soled tennis shoes will be allowed. Please make sure that tennis shoes have a solid grip on the sole.
  • Pants/Shorts: Pants and/or shorts must not be tight fitting. Shorts are allowed but must be no higher than mid-thigh. No mini shorts allowed. Undergarments must be covered. Any form of clothing that is tight fitting and/or suggestive is not allowed.
  • No skirts and dresses allowed.
  • Shirts: Long sleeve, short sleeve shirts, and t-shirts are allowed. No sleeveless shirts inclusive of tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti string tops, sport bras and halter tops are allowed. No suggestive or profane sayings are allowed on any shirt. Sheer shirts of any kind are not allowed. Skin must not be exposed in the torso area.
  • Piercings Dangling and bulky jewelry of any type is not allowed.

You represent the Habitat for Humanity organization. These rules will be strictly complied to for safety reasons. If the construction supervisor deems anything that you may be wearing as a safety hazard and/or of a suggestive nature, he/she will not allow you to work on the job site.

Thank you and we are looking forward to a great volunteer event!!!

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