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By law are we required to accept more than 1 therapy pet?

By law are we required to accept more than 1 therapy pet?

Will a doctor issue an approval for more than 1 therapy pet?

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3 thoughts on “By law are we required to accept more than 1 therapy pet?”

  1. I am quoting from a brochure from the Civil Rights Comm. from about 4 years ago ——-” The Fair Housing Act does not specifically limit the number of service or companion animals an individual with a disability may have. Requests for multiple animals may be reviewed on a case by case basis ” It does not say WHO does the reviewing—–whether its the C.R. Comm. or the LL/manager. Its a good question for Stephanie at the C.R. Comm to answer.

  2. According to a recent presentation by City of Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission Education and Outreach Coordinator Monica Challenger, a landlord cannot require a pet deposit for a service animal, and there are no restrictions based on animal size, breed, or weight. However, a landlord can request a statement from a doctor or social worker to verify the disability and show the relationship between the requested accommodation and the disability. Therefore, I would look for a doctor or social worker’s verification that the particular tenant requires *two* companion/therapy animals, and that having only one would be insufficient for the disability involved.

  3. Pretty soon the “landlords” will be in a minority group and just maybe some legislation will be passed to protect them!!

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