Please complete our survey on Chapter 69 proposed changes

Dear Landlords of Linn County Member,

The Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Commission is proposing changes to Chapter 69, The City of Cedar Rapids Civil Rights Ordinance.    Landlords are subject to federal and state HUD Fair Housing law, however, cities may be able to create stricter standards.    The changes to the municipal code impacts several industries involving public services including but not limited to: hotels, rental cars, lenders, and of course landlords.

The part of the code that has the biggest impact on landlords is the section related to lawful source of income.    The changes would make it mandatory for landlords to participate in the government sponsored section 8 voucher program.   This means when a tenant calls and informs you that they are a Leased Housing tenant you can no longer tell them you don’t take Leased Housing if your property is within Cedar Rapids City limits.

To read the proposed ordinance please go to:

The Landlords of Linn County is requesting your feedback on your opinion so that the board can accurately represent the membership in regards to this matter.

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