Welcome to our new website!

If you are a current member looking to download forms visit: https://old.landlordsoflinncounty.org and use the default password

Current members will receive an email with a new password for our new website. 

The total update process may take a couple days, thanks for your patience!

Send your email address to our lobbyist Joe Kelly [email protected]

please take note: our lobbyist Joe Kelly request list of names of people that want to receive his news blasts and various request for information as the legislative session goes by. We pay Joe to keep us informed and to do that you need to tell him what your email address is. Everyone that wants to be on his list needs to email him directly so he can capture the exact spelling of your email.

His email address is [email protected]

Here is a sample email you can use:

To: [email protected]

Please add me to your new email list.
I am from Landlords of Linn County
(Your Name)



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