The house we rent is in foreclosure – rent ? – Landlord Forum thread by Anne (Arkansas)


Hello – I’m a little confused as to what to do here. The owner of the home that we are renting had to file bankruptcy so our house was foreclosed on and sold at auction.

We knew this was going to happen because the owner was very upfront all along about his financial problems. When all of this started the property manager stopped coming by and collecting the rent check. When I called him about it he said that the trustee told the owner that “legally he could no longer collect rent”. First the property manager just told us to hold onto the checks, then he told me (via text) that he wouldn’t be collecting rent anymore and to just use it when we have to move. We finally received the paperwork from the law firm that is representing the owner of the home and they are requiring proof of tenancy by submitting “recent checks showing we are up to date on rent payment”. We were in complete compliance up until we were told to stop paying so I’m not sure what to do? We could provide those checks but should I also print out the text messages between the property manager and myself as proof we were told to not pay? We plan on being out within 30 days but our deadline to turn in the proof is tomorrow. Will the fact that we were told to hold the rent mean that they can evict us sooner than 30 days? Thanks for your help!

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