The Importance of a Property Condition Report


A carefully documented Property Condition Checklist makes more of a difference than you may think!

The Property Condition Report may be used with or without a Security Settlement Statement, but I have had better success using both.

The document not only is a complete condition checklist at Move-In signed by the tenant, it also puts the tenant on notice that the condition has been documented, dated and acknowledged. It is very important for the landlord to establish the condition of the premises before the lease begins and after the term ends.

It will be very difficult for the tenant to argue the facts noted on this form which is signed by them!

Video and Photo reminder: Tenants are reminded that the premises may have been photographed and video taped prior to occupancy and also upon vacancy.

Includes a Security Settlement section to calculate any deductions

Using The Condition Inspection Report along with the Security Settlement Statement will afford maximum landlord protection. As long as your charges are legitimate and conform to your lease agreement, it is very unlikely that any deductions will be challenged by the tenant.

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