Urgent Warning From CRPD

Justin DeMoss, an Investigator for CRPD has asked Landlords of Linn County to alert to our members of an ongoing scam.  A woman who goes by the names of  Ferdos Barney or Ferdos Alyassiri rents an apartment with bogus information on her application, has another woman write the check for deposit and rent, and by the time the check bounces she has moved on to the next place.

Apparently she has very recently scammed 4-5 landlords.  CRPD is trying to catch up with her but have been unable to.

She is a mid-eastern (Iraqi) single female with two children, and a U-Haul trailer packed full of her stuff, always needing to move in immediately.  She supposedly works at a CR Hotel.

Any landlord who encounters her or has encountered her is to call Officer DeMoss immediately at 286-5485 or his cell phone               521-6018.