We Want to Hear From YOU!

We are looking for suggestions & topic ideas for our monthly meetings!

* What do you want to learn more about?

* Who would you like to hear from?

* What is your biggest frustration as a Landlord – that we can use as an educational topic?

Another question: If you haven’t been attending the meetings…why not? Is it the date, the time, the topic?

We look forward to hearing from you-

Please email your responses to:

[email protected]




4 thoughts on “We Want to Hear From YOU!”

  1. I have only been attending meetings that have been of interest to me as a landlord of single family homes that are next to mine. Those that have topics relating to larger complexes do not interest me. I’m sorry that I do not have any suggestions for topics.

    1. Please keep us posted if you run across something that you think we should include in a future meeting. We really do try to make it for all landlords, but understand that your issues are significantly different than those of a larger complex. The May meeting will be a good one with City of Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman. Hope to see you there.

  2. I am new to Landlords of Linn County and I would like to learn about rental inspections and how to better handle lease violations.

    Also, why and how can the C.R. Water Dept assess an unpaid water bill to the Landlord once a tenant moves out? (i know they say they can because it is part of Iowa Code 384; however, if they Landlord provides them with their social security number and place of employment why can’t they do a money judgement and garnish wages?)

    1. This has been a sore subject with landlords, and unfortuantely an uphill battle that we will not win with the City. I know that there is form that the owner has to fill out immediately after you re-rent a unit, contact the water department for this form as well as the directions and requirements for completing it. This will make it where they can not charge you for unpaid water bills.

      I have also been caught with an outstanding bill and I know that quite a few of my units don’t have this form filled out and no way to do so at this time, so what we do now is contact the water department immediately after a person moves out to ensure that the tenant has taken the water out of their name. We have had pretty good luck at this point in finding out if they left with an unpaid bill or not as well as an estimate of the outstanding bill. Because we usually don’t have the actual final bill in time to include on the security deposit dispostion, I will over estimate the final water bill and charge that amount and indicate on the dispostion that you will edit the diposition and refund any difference once the final bill is recieved. I am not an attorney, but feel that meets our obligation to notify the tenant of what has been deducted from their security deposit.

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