Enterprise Bill Update

Rep. Jeff Kaufmann is going to file the bill at 4:30 on Monday afternoon. This action gives you more time to contact Iowa House members for co-sponsorship. Hats off to the Pott County group who have both of their House members signed up as co-sponsors.

In summary, the bill will change the current law so that you would only have to register your property once with the municipal utility. You would not have to notify the utility each time a tenancy changes. And the bill would add other city enterprise services to the lien protection provisions of the law: sewerage, water runoff, trash collection fees, etc.

We need a big push between now and late Monday afternoon. The e-mail address for your House members is as follows: first name, followed by a period (.) last name, @legis.state.ia.us……like [email protected]
The phone number for the House members is 515-281-3221.