SF 2300: Occupancy Bill

SSB 3090 is now SF 2300.  For those of you who have contacted your Senators asking for support of SSB 3090, you can now send an e-mail pointing out that SSB 3090 is now SF 2300.  It gives you a chance to mention the need for this bill again.  If you determine that your Senator is supportive, you could ask your Senator to relay that message of support to Senator Jeff Danielson.  When Senator Danielson gets both Democrats and Republicans coming to him stating their support for the bill, it can have an impact.
If you haven’t made your contact yet, what are you waiting for?  I’m watching the city lobbyists working against SF 2300.  We’re going to need everyone’s help to get this bill moving.  SF 2300 is on the Senate debate calendar.  Not all the bills on the Senate debate calendar are going to get debated.  We’re competing with the other bills for floor time.

Legislative Update from Joe Kelly