SSB 3068 Familial Status Occupancy Bill


From the desk of Joe Kelly:

SSB 3068 is a study bill authorized by Senator Jeff Danielson (D-Cedar Falls), chair of the Senate State Government Committee.  

Senator Danielson has appointed himself chair of the subcommittee for SSB 3068, which is the same as HF 184 in the House Judiciary Committee.  

Under rules of the legislature, HF 184 will have to start again at the subcommittee level in the House, since HF 184 didn’t get a House floor vote last year.

The remainder of the subcommittee for SSB 3068 is Senator Matt McCoy (D- Des Moines), and Senator Randy Feenstra (R-Hull).

The House subcommittee on HF 184 will likely be the same as last year: Brandenburg Chair, and Kaufmann, and Wessel-Kroeschell 

The bills would disallow cities from regulating the occupancy of a rental dwelling based upon the existence or non-existence of familial status.  

In other words, it would affect those cities that limit the number of unrelated people who may want to rent together.

SSB 3068 occupancy bill

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