Benefits of using a Rental Agent?????

Hi all was a landlord years ago and got burned badly more than once. Said I would never do it again but you know what they say…never say never. Anyhow, thinking about renting an apt on the 1st floor of the house I live in. In the past I never used an agent. Even though it is free to the landlord, I was always leery about scaring away people that didn’t want to pay a broker’s fee. Now that I am older and wiser I think maybe there are some benefits of using an agent to find a better tenant. Would love some feedback on this. Any opinions as to whether the landlord benefits from using an agent as opposed to just putting it on craigslist & doing cred cks. If so, what should I be looking for in an agent? NYC is a nightmare for landlords. Make the wrong move & you could spend the next 2 years regretting it! THANKS