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breach of contract by one party.

lease agreement finish December 31, 2014. tenant text me that he is divorcing his wife , and wants a recombination letter for his new place that he is moving on November 3rd.
wife facebook page said that she got a new place moving this week end.
so how i handle the situation because he is saying she is staying but her facebook page said different and i do not want to get involve in the middle of them if it is true the divore but still 2 months left in the contract that they should to pay and no 30 days notice, what to do regarding giving a reference when i am not sure she will be until the end of the contract, what to do?

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1 thought on “breach of contract by one party.”

  1. The Lease agreement is a Binding Agreement. Even if the resident gives you a notice (Iowa) 30 days in writing, you can still hold them to the lease for its entirety. I understand it states something on facebook, however, this is not giving you a 30 days to vacate the premises.

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