Cracked Plaster-asbestos?

Long story short, last year the cops had to bust down the door to rescue a very long-term (20 yrs) tenant who was in distress. She’s fine now, but has always had multiple health issues.

Apparently, the force of busting in the door, created a small crack at the top of the kitchen passthru, both doorways being on the same wall, about 5′ apart. The crack is getting bigger, but I think has now stabilized.

So I call about repairs. This home is circa 1960, and it’s plaster walls. The guy I called, highly rated, said there was an asbestos danger and we needed containment, testing, etc.

The tenant is a reactive asthmatic. This won’t do. Can I tape, mud and float this crack? I honestly think it’s mostly a cosmetic problem, these old houses are built like iron and there is no basement nor crawl space, I don’t suspect settling after all these years.

Any ideas?