hud occupancy guidelines

I have an historic home in small town Minnesota its a 3 bed home but we converted attic space into another bedroom.. this is where I want to retire I am working in AZ at the moment, I leased it to a friend of friend a single parent with 5 kids since shes been in for 6 months she has had various problems each month as its an older home like blocked drains, then sprayer fell off faucet, even though its in the lease for her to repair she could not afford it so I paid for the repairs, now she has asked me can I sign a form so she can foster kids I’ve just read the form and it allows her up to 3 foster kids, now am really worried how much damage or wear an tear 8 kids can do in this unique home, I don’t want to discriminate against these poor foster children but this is my only investment but surely there occupancy limits how many kids u can have what would you do ???