Jurisdiction to evict and sue …

Jurisdiction to evict and sue if the person evicting me for non payment is not the landlord listed on my lease?

The person listed on my lease is Ms E and her address of her personal residence was provided. She still proclaims to be the landlord and it has not changed.

There have been months of no repairs made and my house is full of water and mold, the health department is involved. So I withheld rent and used it to start the process of repair and abate until I found to finish the process would cost in the upward amount of $50,000. So far I had spent $8,000. Because the Landlord would not release me from my lease and I thought I could just repair it and live my life. The health department is involved so is building now.

However, I have been evicted for nonpayment of rent by an LLC. My lease is not with an LLC, it is with Ms E.

So the problem remains. How can someone not listed on my lease sue me and evict me for non payment of rent when my lease is with Ms. E and any nonpayment would go towards her?
I am trying to contest it but I do not know how or what laws to site in court.

Sorry for the length of the question the details are necessary to make my point I think.