I have a tenant that is becoming a pain in the ass. This month we exchanged back and forth emails for 12 days regarding rent that was due on the 1st. She tends to use “stall” or “cat and mouse” or “ambiguity speak” or simply “lie” when talking about when the rent will come. I find the best to deal with her is through email because things are documented and she starts to contradict herself (but forget) along the email chain.

Anyway this month I placed much more pressure on her and threatened her with Pay or Quit. I also explained to her that her co-signer (who’s her friend) is also resp. I also pointed out her “inconsistency” in communication and her “habitual” late nature. I pointed out her “lies” through the email based on previous emails. No cursing or name calling occurred.

My question is can a tenant use this against me to say I made her fearful or feel traumatized?