Mistakes of a Landlord

Hubby has been doing some work for another Landlord in our area.

Landlord had a new tenant move in who requested electric be left on in LL’s name for one month and then the Tenant would have it transferred. LL agreed. Months later Tenant still didn’t have electric changed over into her name, but did pay the LL every month for electric. LL agreed to leave electric in her name, provided Tenant pay electric bill prior to Electric Company’s automatic deduct from LL’s account. Tenant did not follow through with the “verbal” agreement of paying prior to the automatic withdrawal and fell behind on the rent. LL had the electricity turned off in their name, taking the position that they turned off “their” electricity not the tenants. Tenant is now suing the LL. I think hubby told me in the neighborhood of 4K. LL went to the first hearing and it was suggested that she retain an attorney. Attorney told her she should settle, b/c the costs would be less once you add attorney’s fees. LL claims she is not in the wrong and wants her day in court.

The LLs involved are very sweet, nice and in their 70s. But they are throwing good money after bad, in my opinion.

But I can’t help but think a single piece of paper….
a) 15-30 days to comply by changing account over,
b) or addendum added to the lease with the term “additional rent”, and apply all monies collected to oldest charges first.

Sad thing is an eviction, though expensive ($750.00)is a lot cheaper than 4K.