Private landlords – can we run full credit reports

I’m a private landlord with a single rental home. In the past, I’ve been able to get full credit reports from different services, but it’s been some years since I’ve had to.

It seems now that, in order to run full reports, you have to be approved, which requires a site inspection. I can’t seem to find what this entails, and what the conditions are to pass such an inspection, for a non-business. Has anyone been through this? Can somebody direct me to the requirements?

How long is the site inspection good for? Forever? A year? What if you move (and how would they know)?

If I get an inspection done, say through trendsource, can I use that for any credit data reseller?



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  1. The site 2 inspections I had were several years apart. The second one was when they merged with another company.

    They were checking things like verifying your location address was valid, you have password access on pc’s used for rental and locking file cabinets for application and credit report records

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