Tenant has not paid rent in 4 months and the court

I have a Tenant that has not paid rent in 4 months, I tried to evict her in July but when I went down and filed the tenant made up lies about me the landlord and drug me into civil court and I have been held in contempt 2 times over these lies I have proof that these are lies and hired a Attorney who done nothing but let me get held in contempt the 2nd time the judge said she would set a eviction date but still has not, this tenant has been evicted 2 times prior in the state of Ohio. And is a scam artist I hired this Attorney to help me get this tenant out of my building but he has done nothing for me at all I can not even get a eviction date and the judge says tenant does not even have to pay me any rent at all because she said I did self help eviction, that I did not do, and I have proof, my credit cards are now maxed and the tenant is sub leasing apt and collecting rent, but I’m not, She has also moved a pit-bull dog in and I said no pets but she says she will do whatever she wants and there is nothing I can do about it, she is dealing drugs also and I am the victim not her and it looks like the courts are going to let her live here free forever and there is nothing I can do about it. I am about to lose my home, and there is nothing I can do, and on top of that the judge says I have to pay this woman’s legal aid attorney over $5000, I need help this is not right and I cannot see how I can keep getting screwed like this when she has no proof on me but I have proof that she is lying, and no one will help me make this nightmare go away and I am in danger also because 2 black guys has came in and fired 5 shots upstairs over her drug dealings, but the courts act like she is a victim and I am a piece of crap. Someone please help me 513-623-4973