Bill in Iowa Legislature would Mandate CO Alarms in Rental Units

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A bill mandating carbon monoxide alarms in rental units is being considered in the Iowa State Senate. If approved as expected, the bill would become law by July 2018. KCRG-TV9 asked Dick Rehman, a Landlords of Linn County officer, about his opinion on the measure. Rehman said that if carbon monoxide alarms can save lives, he felt most landlords would support the measure. Senate File 2219 calls for voluntary compliance for private homeowners. How do you feel about this bill as a landlord?



3 thoughts on “Bill in Iowa Legislature would Mandate CO Alarms in Rental Units”

  1. As a landlord, I would not have a problem with this bill as it is written at this time. Many communities already have regulations in place for Co detectors.

  2. Are they nuts. This will be another $ 100-200 per unit item when the tenants move This will be just another hope you can find the alarms and replace the battery’s and then install them again. I think the number is 7 deaths in all of the state of Iowa. This is called installing 100,000’s of detectors to save 2-3 lives. This bill might make a small amount of sense as a requirement for all new construction to be hard wired with detectors. This make no sense of retro fitting all rental units.

  3. Just more nanny-state nonsense from the Democratic side of the aisle. They trot out the well worn excuse “if it saves just one life it is worth it” but don’t think of the additional time, energy, and money that property owners have to invest to achieve and maintain compliance. Really, how many CO related deaths or illness have happened in rental units in the past decade? And why is it mandatory for property owners but voluntary for homeowners? Pure nonsense.

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