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If you are a current member looking to download forms visit: https://old.landlordsoflinncounty.org and use the default password

Current members will receive an email with a new password for our new website. 

The total update process may take a couple days, thanks for your patience!

List Your Properties on IowaHousingSearch.org for Free!

Iowa Rental Property Providers: List Your Properties on IowaHousingSearch.org for Free!


Dear Property Provider:


The Iowa Finance Authority (IFA) is pleased to introduce IowaHousingSearch.org, a service that will allow greater access to real-time Iowa rental housing information.


We strongly encourage you to use the new site to advertise properties free of charge beginning today. The site will be launched publicly soon!


To offer Iowa property providers and residents this valuable resource, IFA has contracted with Socialserve.com, the national nonprofit that powers a network of housing locator services in 35 states. Socialserve.com provides a full-service, toll-free, bilingual call center of more than 50 customer service representatives to assist all users, including housing seekers, landlords, property managers and housing agencies. Review the full benefits of the servicehere.


This dedicated staff will work to ensure that all information is current and that potential tenants are gaining access to the information that they are seeking.


The IowaHousingSearch.org web site will not only provide a free, affirmative marketing opportunity for property providers, it will equip Iowans with a current listing of available rental housing which will ultimately increase affordable housing options and choice. The site will also assist those seeking accessible housing, and in the event of natural disasters, the service will help the state locate housing for disaster victims.


Listing your rentals on IowaHousingSearch.org can help you reach more tenants. Pictures, maps and information about nearby amenities like parks, schools and hospitals can be included with the listings. The service can be accessed online or via toll-free phone and fax.


Please join this effort by registering for free today.Properties can be listed by following these three steps:


1. Register at IowaHousingSearch.org 
OR Call 1-877-428-8844 (toll-free) 
OR Fill out and fax this form to 1-866-265-7811.
2. Receive a user name and password with simple listing instructions.


3. Log on and add your listings, including photos and information about rent and deposits, property features, nearby amenities and much more.


A representative from the Socialserve.com call center will be contacting you to help you get your properties listed. You can always contact Socialserve.com at 1-877-428-8844 at any time with questions. For questions about how this system was established in Iowa, please contact Ashley Jared at 515-725-4934. Thank you in advance for your participation in this exciting new service.






Dave Jamison
Executive Director
Iowa Finance Authority

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