Longbranch July Meeting Thursday, July 8th

Join us IN PERSON this Thursday, July 8, at noon at The Longbranch.

For the first time in over a year, we’ll be able to meet once again in the comfort of a restaurant.

This month we will be solving common and not so common issues that we landlords encounter with our renters.

How do you properly handle one of your renters whose friend visits with a large dog every single day in your no pets property, and then you are informed that this is an emotional support animal? Or what do you do with the roommates who can’t get along and now one has left, leaving the other to struggle with payments? Or the girlfriend whose partner is abusive but refuses to leave the property? Our Problem-Solving meetings have always been extremely beneficial to our members, as we work through answers to handling issues legally, ethically, and easily. Don’t miss this fun meeting!

Boxed lunches will be available for $15 plus tax and tip. We will need to give The Longbranch a count for both attendance and food by early on the 6th.
RSVP by emailing [email protected] no later than Wednesday morning. Please include
1. Names of those attending
2. Yes/no for the boxed lunch

See you all Thursday!