Membership renewal updates

The majority of our members, annual renewal date, is in January every year.

The deadline is approaching January 14th and below are a few notes to answer some commonly asked questions:

  1. IF you receive an email stating your membership is due you MUST follow the link to login and renew your membership
  2. The email title will read:  Your membership is Near Expiration
  3. IF you didn NOT get an email like this your membership isn’t due yet. You can login and view your expiration date at anytime. You will get an email reminder as your expiration date nears

Click “Extend” to renew/extend your membership

After you login to our website you are taken to the “Members Only” page.

The other option is to click the Members Only button at the top of the website

To renew/extend your membership click the “Extend” button and then choose pay by credit card with PayPal or manual pay if you plan to send a check.

IF you do nothing your membership will expire on your anniversary date.

If you have any troubles email [email protected] with the details of your questions/problems.