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Landlords of Iowa 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Chapter Presidents,

During the October 2010 Landlords of Iowa State Board of Directors meeting it was decided to discontinue the printing and mailing of hard copies of the ‘Landlords’ Legend’ to the LLIA membership.  It was further decided that electronic copies of the ‘Landlords’ Legend’ would be provided to the affiliated chapter’s Presidents, and that the chapter Presidents would be responsible for the distribution of the ‘Landlords’ Legend’ to their chapter membership. 

Attached is the 3rd quarter issue of the ‘Landlords’ Legend’.  If you are unable to forward this to your membership, please forward it to someone within your chapter who can, such as the Membership Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or whomever maintains your membership records.

Thank you and hope to see you at this year’s convention,

D. Wilson, Newsletter Editor

Download the latest copy here: [Download not found]

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