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If you are a current member looking to download forms visit: https://old.landlordsoflinncounty.org and use the default password

Current members will receive an email with a new password for our new website. 

The total update process may take a couple days, thanks for your patience!

Banner Advertising Details

Vendor Banner Advertising Upgrade $150

  • For an additional $150 per year, vendors banner ads will be rotated on the LOLC website and used in email newsletters.
  • The banner ads will give your product or service promotional exposure to all of our members several times a month . This can be a valuable marketing tool for your company.
  • Vendors will be able to view reports and click through rates for their ads.

Step 1 – Create your banner ads

  • Ads must be submitted in .jpg format and to meet banner size requirements.
  • Ads can be created with any graphics program then exported/saved to .jpg format
  • Two ads can be submitted 468×60 pixels and 728×90 pixels
  • There are free services online to create banner ads one of them being http://www.bannersnack.com/en/
  • Optional charge $75 to have your ads created by submitting your logos, photos and drawing of desired ad layout. Email [email protected]

Example 468×60 pixels

Example 728×90 pixels


Step 2 – Submit your ads

Email your finished ads to [email protected] and your account will be setup within 24-48 hours.

You will receive email confirmation and an account name/password to view your clicks and advertising impressions.

Questions: email [email protected]