Introducing Roof Maxx Technologies of Eastern Iowa



Roof Maxx Technologies is a revolutionary new product with one simple idea in mind.

Keep asphalt shingles on your roof instead of in a landfill and save tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Simply put, oil refining isn’t what it used to be. A shingle used to be made up of about 75% asphalt and is now made up of about 75% limestone filler. The asphalt and oils in a shingle are what helps it expand and contract during chaotic weather events. A roof can be 170 degrees in the middle of summer before a passing rain shower comes through and takes it down to 90 degrees.

Because of the lack of asphalt in a shingle now, it doesn’t have the ability to expand and contract so it simply cracks, spider webs, or ultimately breaks. The average 30-year shingle is ultimately only lasting about 15 years before it has shed its granules and started to fail. Replacing those shingles on average is about $450 a square.

Roof Maxx is a 100% USDA certified biobased soy product, that rejuvenates old dried-out shingles, and makes them act and perform like brand new shingles.

In fact, Roof Maxx took 20-year-old shingles and sprayed them with our patented soy-methyl-ester (soybean oil). While they expected them to perform better than non-treated shingles, what they found was that the sprayed shingles actually passed all factory testing. Roof Maxx applications can stop and nearly prevent the aging process and do it for 80% of the cost of replacement.

On average, the cost of a Roof Maxx application is $100 a square. There is no mess, noise, or inconvenience of removal and replacement. The best part is, it’s 100% environmentally safe, proven, and effective. Biofuels are the wave of the future, and Roof Maxx is definitely on the leading edge of bio when it comes to maintaining your roof and your investment.

For more information contact Chip Abernathey at (319) 202-4908 or email [email protected]

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