Attention Marion Landlords

crime free

The Marion Police Department is inviting all landlords with rental property in Marion to attend their Crime Free Multi-Housing Training Seminar on Tuesday, March 6th, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM at The Oaks Room in Lowe park, 4500 N. 10th Street, in Marion.  The registration fee is $25 per attendee and includes lunch.

This training seminar and certification is excellent for owners, managers, and staff or rental properties.  Learn how to:

  • strengthen areas vulnerable to crime
  • attract and retain better renters
  • strengthen your rental agreements
  • form partnerships to prevent criminal activity
  • increase the value of your investment

The instructors will cover property security and safety, tenant screening and rental agreements, restraining orders, fair housing, the eviction process, legal updates, as well as graffiti, gangs, and drug recognition.

Whether you’re an experienced property manager or just starting out, you’ll gain valuable knowledge from this training seminar.

Your $25 registration fee includes:

  • Legal information from a rental property attorney
  • Training manual with valuable management tips, law enforcement information, and local resources
  • Refreshments and lunch


contact 319-200-4143 or [email protected]

Space is limited.  Register early!