Chapter 29 Public Comment Hearing 1/9/13 5:30 PM

Chapter 29 Public Comment Hearing
CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – The City of Cedar Rapids is holding a public comment hearing on the proposed Chapter 29 – Rental housing code on January 9, 2013 from 5:30-7:30 PM.  The hearing will be held in the City Council Chambers and sponsored by members of the City Council Development and Public Safety committees.  The intent of the meeting is to provide an opportunity to comment on the ordinance before it is complete.  City staff will be on hand to capture the feedback.
The public is invited to provide feedback to council committee members and staff regarding the proposed changes to Chapter 29.  The Code is currently under review by City Staff and stakeholders.  The City is interested in hearing feedback on the following topics which are part of the code;
1.  Tenant background checks
2.  Landlord training requirements
3.  Rental Inspection schedules
4.  Fee schedules for inspections
5.  Additional topics related to the ordinance
Individual’s comments will be limited to 3 minutes so that more people may heard.  The meeting is limited to 2 hours.
Email comments can be made beginning 4:00 PM January 4th until 4:00 PM January 16th.  Email comments to: [email protected]