Don’t miss our February meeting this Thursday the 14th at the Clarion.  We are trying a NOON meeting this month.  Please come after 11:30 to socialize and enjoy the lunch buffet.  Our meeting and program will get started at 12:00. 

Magistrate Cynthia Finley will present our program, “Common Mistakes Landlords Make in Court.”  Magistrate Finley, along with four other magistrates, hears landlord tenant cases in small claims court.  It has been almost two years since we have heard from a magistrate, so we are anxious to hear which issues present the most frequent stumbling blocks for landlords in court.   

As you are aware, our legislative committee has been closely watching the developments with the proposed changes to Chapter 29, the C.R. Housing Code.  The draft is currently posted on our website.  Landlords of Linn County will not take a formal stand in favor or in opposition to this code.  Many of us have met frequently with City Staff and other stakeholders during the re-write.  Our members should contact Council to express any personal concerns on the draft.  Our Legislative Chair, Bob Mitchell, will distribute copies of the draft at our meeting this week. 

We again expect a large attendance at this meeting.  It is absolutely necessary to email us at [email protected] if you are attending.  The Clarion needs to know how many meals to prepare, and to set up the room for adequate seating.

We hope to see you all Thursday!


January 10th vacancy:  Landlords signing in at our January meeting reported 229 vacant out of 4596 units = 5% vacancy.