Had enough!

I own this nice manufactured home but when I moved I had just been released from University of Utah Hospital after they had to take my hearing, cut my chewing mussel, cut my stomach and meanwhile, I was going to drive myself!! I wish I had. But I got with this sociopath And he tricked me into marrying him. To make the exemptions with the Crooked Lawyer who forged my taxes and they put a bankruptcy on my record. Meanwhile, I could not even walk and this POS CALLED THE COPS 3 day b for I was to undergo a life or death surgery! And what he did to me in the hospital And after.. Well I documented and recorded it all!! It’s been two years! Over, I al sick of what I have had taken.. My LIFE!! and my credit and this sob has a family whom think they are some mafia bs and they did some Real Bad shit but they never counted on me… And this is when they phantom filled scripts etc and rocky shaver has his Mommy and and daddy for God sakes! But the fact is.. He’s tricked the landlords! So I couldn’t get a Shepard said Jim the landlord! Everyone tried to warn me about moving here but I had no choice at time! And thanks Jim for inviting Rocky into your home. Meanwhile, they planted an Rv of broke as meth heads and yet they haven’t had anyone in this lot for 10 or so years? So I do know there is something not right but now the guy and the girl work for landlords, I received three death threats.. I was forced to leave my home in March cus of my puppy (lab) and then I had to stay at friends and the ex’s. But his mom n dad got him a lawyer after his 20 days were up filing pro-SE. Meanwhile, i was arrested for getting my legs kicked out from me and hit my head on pavement!! And I had called the Sheriffs’ for help hours earlier. But I knew what the deal was so I let them arrest me.. And wait until you all hear what they asked rocky!! And I have documented everything and trust me, I have a degree in TV and he had no idea but now I have more on the corrupt cops and it’s thee exact same cops as 14 hrs ago and they have forgotten what they did to me five days b 4 911. Well now I have been out of practice and I am deaf.. And I am evicted in march cus of doggie, beat that and then gave my 30 days to sell and that c___ has forged and pasted my names and the ex whom signed the lease and yet he and the bankruptcy trustee well it Ia going to be one Hell of a story!! The Chief of Police told me to press charges in 2001 for the cops forging a nco but now this is really ironic because both places in bankruptcy, tax evasion etc!! And they aloud the ex to burglarize my belongings!! Now it’syears later and here the last good cops r gone but one or two.. But not one has helped me and I am done trying to speak w the Chief.. So The Don’t think for a minute you are too good to speak to a female! Well enough is enough!! No one should ever be alone as I have for three years on Xmas and etc.. And these fairness in the courts conduct is about as crooked as the corruption inside their computers! The dispatch never helped me after 19-23 calls and yet I was told I was lying!! Well get ready,, because this town is corrupt and I need to know why it is I cannot sleep and how the F___ can a person whom is being. Stalked every minute and lost all my credit and here I couldn’t even walk!! Well I hope they all go to prison for the rest of their lives!! I mean it! Now I got my lab taken care of and two weeks later.. I get another eviction!! OMG IT IS TODAY!! I am sick of my own lawyers whom have no idea they too helped this along! But anywho.. I rented from tower realty and after Vicki N forged and pasted and stole my bank account mail.. And all the other “baloney,” I am so sick of living for over two years w an Rv planted up-my ass and this place .. Well unfortunately, they have done many wrong! So has my own family!! But they r not going to steal from me any more!!