July Meeting – Sherrif’s Evictions – Register Now!


You have your day in court, and the judge grants possession of your rental  back to you.  You file the Writ with the Clerk of Court on the proper day, and now what?  Lt. Randy Rowling, Civil Division Commander of the Linn County Sherrif’s Office will speak to our group at noon on Thursday, July 10th.  Lt. Rowland will cover what exactly happens once the sherrif’s office gets the Writ of Possession.  He will discuss the costs, tenant notifications, schedules, and how to provide the labor for your evictions.  Have you ever had a tenant appeal the eviction and post the appeal bond, delaying the eviction?  Lt. Rowland will discuss common and uncommon situations, and also touch on garnishments.

Our July meeting will be held at noon at the Clarion.  The lunch buffet will open at 11:45 with our program starting at 12:00.  It is necessary to let us know if you are attending, as the Clarion needs to know how many to set up for and how much food to prepare.  Please email us no later than Tuesday, July 8, at [email protected]

See you all Thursday!

June 12th vacancy:  2227 units signed in reporting 100 vacancies = 4.5%