How do I handle tenant’s belongings left behind?

I’m a new landlord and I’m uncertain what to do in this situation.

My tenants were supposed to move out by June 1.

As of Monday, June 9, they have moved out their belongings from inside the house and we have possession of the house.

Unfortunately, there is a pickup truck in the driveway that was parked there for them to throw garbage into. The owner has yet to return.

In addition, behind that truck are two dead cars that belong to the tenant.

Are the cars considered abandoned? Can I have them towed away?

I have no way to get in contact with the owner of the pickup truck as well. Should I have that towed too?

They also have belongings in a shed in the backyard. (They don’t really have the means to get these belongings).

Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “How do I handle tenant’s belongings left behind?”

  1. The last time I had an abandoned vehicle I worked through the sheriff’s office to have it declared abandoned, towed and crushed. Check with them for the local procedure. I’m sure they can help you with the process.

    I am luck enough to have a storage facility and hold abandoned goods for a year then call a charity to pick them up.

  2. In my opinion, if they turned over the keys anything left except the vehicles would be considered trash to be disposed of. If they did not turn over possession by a written statement or keys you may need to start eviction.

    I think CR police can be contacted about arranging to have the abandoned vehicles towed from private property. That keeps abandoned vehicles from migrating out to the street curb and becoming the city’s problem. Years ago the police would only deal with vehicles on public property but I think that has changed.

  3. I had this happen to me once. I ended up calling the local police dept to have the cars marked as abandoned. If the tenant doesn’t move them In 24 hrs they would be towed to impound lot at the tenants expense. They would then have to pay to get them out if they want their junk cars back.

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