How do I handle tenant’s belongings left behind?

I’m a new landlord and I’m uncertain what to do in this situation.

My tenants were supposed to move out by June 1.

As of Monday, June 9, they have moved out their belongings from inside the house and we have possession of the house.

Unfortunately, there is a pickup truck in the driveway that was parked there for them to throw garbage into. The owner has yet to return.

In addition, behind that truck are two dead cars that belong to the tenant.

Are the cars considered abandoned? Can I have them towed away?

I have no way to get in contact with the owner of the pickup truck as well. Should I have that towed too?

They also have belongings in a shed in the backyard. (They don’t really have the means to get these belongings).

Thank you.

Member Landlords of Linn County