June Meeting This Week

How many of you have read the entire lease agreement that you are using? If you have, do you really understand what each clause means? Do you have anything in your lease that may not be legal, or are you missing anything that should really be in there?

Don’t miss our June meeting on the 12th, 7:00 PM at the Clarion. Attorny Chad Zenicek, with Klinger, Robinson and Ford, LLP, will be presenting the program. “Top Ten Lease Pitfalls”. There have also been some recent significant Iowa Supreme Court rulings as to what can and cannot be included in your lease agreements. Mr. Zenicek is also one of our Landlords of Linn County vendor members, and a great resource for us. Learn how your lease protects you and how to use it.

Come at 6:00 PM for social, the buffet will open at 6:45. We need to give the Clarion an accurate count for room set-up and food, so if you will be attending, it is important that you email [email protected] no later than Tuesday the 10th.

See you all next week!

Vacancy rate for May 8, based on 2147 units signing in with 98 vacants = 5%