March Meeting

Your renter has not paid, and after trying to work with them, they have exhausted your patience. Your notices have been served, and today is finally the day of the court hearing to regain possession of your property. But you get to court, and something goes wrong. You end up losing your case, and the deadbeat is still living in your rental unit for free. What technical detail did you miss?

Joins us Thursday, March 12, noon at the Longbranch, as Magistrate Carrie Bryner covers landlord tenant issues in small claims court and everything that can go wrong. This is an important meeting, and will save you money and headaches.

We will also hear from a representative of the 2020 Census as to how we as landlords can help in reporting accuracy in our rental properties.

As always, we need to give the Longbranch a count. Please sign up today today at