“Mr. Landlord” presentation April 16, at the Elks Lodge in Waterloo

The Black Hawk Landlords Chapter is inviting all landlords to attend a presentation by Jeffrey Taylor, also known as Mr. Landlord. He is a very informative and entertaining speaker. Here is a sample of feedback I have received for past attendees:
• A great idea for owner managers is to offer an “early bird discount”
• Mr. Landlord has lots and lots of retention ideas — keep your current residents so you don’t have the costly turnover that comes when they move.
• A Holiday Gift between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It cost us $4.23 per unit! We got lots and lots of good will from it, plus the residents’ friends were amazed. “We never got anything from our landlord!” We heard that over and over.
• give existing tenants a monetary bonus for either finding a replacement tenant
• Leave with the place in “better condition” than when they got there.
Has this wet your appetite?

Linked is the flyer:

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