What to do about neighbors fence restricting driveway

Our rental house and the neighbor each had driveways about 8′ wide that touch at the side lot line and goes past the side of the house to a garage in the back yard of each house.

The neighbor is putting up a solid fence on their drive at their lot line from the garage to about 15′ from the curb and then chain link almost to the curb. This leaves only about 8′ between our house and the fence to get into the garage. This makes it extremely difficult for tenants (or prospective tenants) to access the garage with any vehicle other than compact or smaller.

The neighbor doesn’t care because their house is small and has about 12 feet to the lot line and also had room to widen their drive to 9 feet.

Has anyone found a solution for a situation like this?

There are a number of developments built like this in the 50’s like in the area near Kenwood school where rentals are common.

Post your comments and ideas below!