DISCOUNT ENDS SEPT 30 – 14 reasons to attend 2014 Landlord Convention

2014 Trade Show at the Coralville Marriott, October 24, 2014

26th Annual Landlords of Iowa State Convention Oct 23 24 & 25

300 East 9th Street, Coralville, Iowa  52241


Fourteen reasons why you should attend the Convention and Trade Show.


#1.  By attending the Friday Sessions you will learn new techniques, ideas, and tips that will improve the profitability of your rental business!  We have eight workshops on Friday.  For even the veteran State Convention regulars you pick up concepts and ideas that will make or save you money.  Example: Are you collecting and getting paid the new allowed late fee amounts?


#2.  By attending the Thursday night session you will be able to sign up for many of the new programs Landlords of Iowa is offering free to you as a member.  By signing up you will save money on many of the products, and services you are now buying.  By attending you will find tools that reduce the down time between renters.  Come and learn about the new insurance programs that will save you money!


#3.  This year we have over 100 door prizes.  We even have a flat screen TV.  This is one of many ways that you will be a winner by attending.  You have to attend to be a winner!


#4  The Convention and Trade Show is at the Coralville Marriott.  The Coralville Marriott just may be the best premier location for a convention in the State of Iowa!  Look see what the Marriott has to offer you.  Three days of Marriott experience  for $89.00 per person if  you sign up my Sept 30th.  Price will be $99 starting Oct 1st. 


#5.   We have selected the best Vendors offering outstanding deals and services.  Every convention that I have ever attended I have come away with vendor contacts that have saved me time and money.  Years later I am still using and recommending them.  Come and talk to the best in the industry!


#6.  Free CEU’s.  Realtors, yes free CEU’s for attending the State Convention.  Plus you will learn valuable information too!


#7.  Feel the camaraderie of your fellow Property Managers and Landlords.  Day in day out we as landlords get beat up by tenants, the city, contractors, and a whole list of others.  Network with people like yourself who understand you and your problems, feel appreciated and loved. 


#8.  Did I mention the Food.  The Marriott offers some of the best cuisine a convention hotel has to offer.  Once you taste the food offered for three days, you will be impressed and satisfied.   And it’s all included with your completed registration!


#9.  In Marshalltown during the legislative program on Saturday we introduced key legislators to the idea that we needed late fees increased.  That year we got the late fee bill through the legislative process and the Governor signed it!  Come see what we have planned for this Legislative Saturday!


#10.  Ice Cream.  Thursday night we offer soup, sandwiches and all you can eat ice cream, also included with your registration fee.  


#11.  A Free Car!  I asked BO to donate a free car for the convention, and he indicated by attending and applying what you learn at the convention, you won’t need a free car, you will be able to buy the car of your choice with the money saved!


#12.  We take the frustration out of being a Landlord!  After three days you will feel good about being a Landlord.  And if not enjoy #13.


#13.  Free Wine and Cheese Reception.  Enjoy!


#14.  Experience Marriott at night.

   The Marriott Special Rate Ends September 30, Please contact them by phone today!    

 We have reached an agreement with the Coralville Marriott Hotel for Room rates of $99. per room, plus tax.  You must mention “Landlords of Iowa State Convention”.  Contact the Marriott Hotel on the web or 319-688-4000. 


Your choice:  email me with why you are not attending this years’ convention or

contact a friend, invite them and sign up today!


                                                Join me at the State Convention and Trade Show

                                                for a memorable experience!

                                                John Dutcher      [email protected]       319-240-2497